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The first round of voting is your chance to nominate what or who you think should win each particular award, but we do have a few guidelines (which are also listed in the 'rules' page) to enable this process to run smoothly:

  • All Web Page’s eligible must be part of the Blue Heelers Web Ring by 1/12/99. That enables easy access for all voters.

  • All web pages eligible must be working, and have information on Blue Heelers, or one of the actors, or characters within the show. Otherwise you aren’t eligible, for obvious reasons. I mean why would you want to enter the awards anyhow.

  • When voting for a character on the show, you must state their full name, not "the character who did this ….."

  • When voting for a episode, you must state the full episode name, not "the episode where this and this happened"
  • When voting for an actor, the name of their character or what their character did is not acceptable – their full REAL name must be given

  • Make sure you know what your are nominating!

  • For the mailing list awards, you must be a member of one of the various Blue Heelers mailing lists.