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We don’t want these awards to be full of rules cos rules are meant to be broken, , but we do want these awards to be fair to all involved – that is for us, and for you, the voters and nominee’s.

Here are the rules, or regulations – what ever you wish to call them that we would like everyone to follow.


This section is pretty simple – the first round of voting, is really your chance to nominate what you think should win each particular award.

We do have a few guidelines to enable this process to run smoothly:

  • All Web Page’s eligible must be part of the Blue Heelers Web Ring by 1/12/99. That enables easy access for all voters.

  • All web pages eligible must be working, and have information on Blue Heelers, or one of the actors, or characters within the show. Otherwise you aren’t eligible, for obvious reasons. I mean why would you want to enter the awards anyhow.

  • When voting for a character on the show, you must state their full name, not "the character who did this ….."

  • When voting for a episode, you must state the full episode name, not "the episode where this and this happened"
  • When voting for an actor, the name of their character or what their character did is not acceptable – their full REAL name must be given

  • Make sure you know what your are nominating!

  • For the mailing list awards, you must be a member of one of the various Blue Heelers mailing lists.


    Voting, which will be in Round 2 is very straightforward. For each of the thirty awards, you will be given four choices, which will come from the top four nominated in Round 1 for each award. Once again, there are some guidelines:

  • You must know what you are voting for – if you are unsure, don’t vote for that particular question. If this is done, it could have a drastic effect on the outcome of the award. You don’t have to vote for every category!

  • You may vote for your own web page, or mailing list.

  • One vote per person please. Fairs fair.

For this section, all we want to tell you is that the winners, and nominee’s for the 2nd round will be final when they are announced, and they will not be changed! The counting of all votes will be done fairly! No appeals possible.


  • You may only nominate\vote once, from one email address. Please refrain from using multiply addresses, as that is a form of cheating is will not be accepted.

  • If people are found cheating, their votes will be discounted and if they are nominated for any awards, they will be disqualified.

  • Thank you very much for participating in the 1999 Doggy Awards. All further enquires can be directed to the organizers at