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On-Screen Awards

Best Blue Heelers Official Writer

Best Localite

Favourite Child Actor

The story line you didn't want to happen

Best issue tackled by Heelers

Most apparently improvised scene

Best relationship between two characters (non-romantic)

Scene of the year

Character who you would like to see an untimely end to

Favorite departed character

Favorite episode of the year

Best performance by the blue shirt

Quote of the Year

Best performance by a BH actor in a commercial either
appearance or voice over

Best use of a prop in 99

Worst episode of the year

Best dressed female character

Worst dressed female character

Best dressed male

Worst dressed male

Best Hair-style

Worst Hair-syle

Crime of the year

On-line Awards

Best mailing list for general discussion

Loudest entity on the mailing list

Most opinionated on the mailing list

Most informative mailing list

Best web site

Most updated website

Best mulitimedia website

Most informative website

Best layout of a web page

Best Fanfic

Best Fanfic Series

Best Improved Fanfic Writer

Best Character Created

Best Fanfic List Moderators

The message you *didn't* want on the mailing lists.

Most distracted BH fanfic writer