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On-Screen Awards

Best Blue Heelers Official Writer

Tony Morphett
Casantra Carter
Bill Garner
David Worthington

Best Localite

Clancy Freeman
Lelia Clegg
Tony Timms

Favourite Child Actor

Emma Stewart
Josh Stewart
Maddie Stewart

The story line you didn't want to happen

Ben Saga
Dash Leaving
The Proposal

Best issue tackled by Heelers


Most apparently improvised scene

The Proposal

The Hand Scene
(Ben leaving a hand print on PJ's behind)

The Guide Dog Money Box Scene
(PJ playing with the money box)

Best relationship between two characters (non-romantic)

Jack & Jo
Maggie & Dash
Tom & Chris
Dash & Nick
Josh & PJ

Scene of the year

The Proposal (Be Prepared)
Burning Car (Web of Lies)

Character who you would like to see an untimely end to

Ben Stewart
Maggie Doyle
Inp. Falcon Price

Favorite departed character

Nick Schultz
Dash McKinley
Adam Cooper

Favorite episode of the year

Be Preprepared
Web Of Lies
Love is the Drug

Best performance by the blue shirt

PJ Hasham
Tom Croyden
Ben Stewart

Quote of the Year
"Marry Me" (PJ)


"I sometimes think men are born two hours later then women, and they never catch up" (Halena Hasham)

"All I can remember is a gaint avacado pear, and it was hatching into a bird" (Maggie)

Best performance by a BH actor in a commercial either appearance or voice over

Leggo's (Martin Sacks)
Wiskers V/O (Sally Downie)

Best use of a prop in 99

The Camera (Love is the Drug)
Avacado (Paraside Lost)
The Ring (Be Prepared)
PJ's Desk

Worst episode of the year

Starry Starry Night
Jack of Hearts
Wishful Thinking
Angel Cruise
Series of episodes when Maggie is on Witness Protection

Best dressed female character

Jo Parrish
Maggie Doyle

Worst dressed female character

Jo Parrish
Chris Riley


Best dressed male

PJ Hasham
Jack Lawson

Worst dressed male

Tom Croyden
Ben Stewart

Best Hair-style

Jack Lawson
Maggie Doyle (New Cut)

Worst Hair-syle

Jo Parrish (80's Perm)
Maggie Doyle (Deepest Cut)
Ben Stewart


Crime of the year

Murder of Mrs McKinley
Maggie liking Ben
Drug Ring in "Web of Lies

On-line Awards

Best mailing list for general discussion

Loudest entity on the mailing list

Jaye Reid
Kylie Jaye
Lisa Chew

Most opinionated on the mailing list

Jaye Reid
Kylie Jaye

Most informative mailing list

Best web site

AVG's Blue Heelers Site
Jen's Fanfic Archive

Most updated website

AVG's Blue Heelers Site
Jen's Fanfic Archive

Best mulitimedia website

AVG's Blue Heelers Site
Blue Heelers Pictures

Most informative website

AVG's Blue Heelers Site
Jen's Fanfic Archive

Best layout of a web page

AVG's Blue Heelers Site
Becs Blue Heelers Page
Blue Heelers Pictures

Best Fanfic

Past, Present, & Future Fear

Best Fanfic Series

Facing Up
Past, Present, & Future
Voices of the Heart

Best Improved Fanfic Writer


Best Character Created

Jaye's New Heelers

Best Fanfic List Moderators

Rach & Ness
Pip, Rach & Ness
They Suck!

The message you *didn't* want on the mailing lists.

Multiple Mailing Lists
Off-Topic Posts to
Maggie's Departure

Most distracted BH fanfic writer

Jaye Reid
Pippa Davie
Bec Clancy