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On the page you will find all the awards that we will be dishing out to the winners, if that is actully possible *G*. Changes may be made to the following catorgries before the 1/12/99 so feel free to email us at

On-Screen Awards

Best Blue Heelers Official Writer
Who writes the episodes that are tailor made for you? Tony Morphett, Cass Carter, Peter Dick – who?

Mr. or Mrs. Wallpaper
Title awarded to the character that never seemed to be around much, always in the background. Never really got some action, never any dialogue. They can either be a regular who you thought didn't get enough story line, a local who should have appeared in more episodes or the poor guy who always seemed to be drinking at the Imperial but never got drunk.

Best Localite
Yeah you know them, the reoccurring extras that appear from week to week. Is your favorite Gazette reporter Tony Timms or Keith Pervis? Maybe Merv or Lila? Have your vote here!

Favorite Child Actor
Well we have had a few kids thru Heelers this year, does one stand out for you?

The story line you didn't want to happen
Yeah here's the category you get to dish what you hated about the show this year.

Best issue tackled by Heelers

Did the show tread some ground that increased your awareness?

Most apparently improvised scene

Yeah its that scene where you go, was so and so supposed to say that, or what's that joke happening in the background.

Best relationship between two characters (non-romantic)
Well if we had best relationship, we know Pj and Maggie would win so what about the best platonic relationship in the series. The one who really touched your heart.

Scene of the year
Was it the one which touched your heart or made you scream with fear? Vote now

Character who you would like to see an untimely end to

Let the knives come out and tell us you really gets on your nerves.

Favorite departed character
Well we have seen a few go this year. Who is your fave?

Favorite episode of the year
This question has to be asked and answered.

Best performance by the blue shirt
Well the wardrobe department is running out of funds so they have had to recycle clothing. The infamous blue shirt has become a regular feature on the backs of the BH men, namely Ben, Pj and Tom.

Quote of the year
Is it "Marry Me?" from PJ to Maggie in the season finale, or the classic, "I can still taste your lips" by Ben? Take your pick of any quote from the last year.

Best performance by a BH actor in a commercial either appearance or voice over
Well we have had Mr. Leggos Sacks and Ms Downy doing some other odds and sods. Which is your fave?

Best use of a prop in 99

The thing that just livened up a scene. What was it for you? Could it be that picture of Baby Rachel and our favourite couple, which mysterously disappeared from the C.I office bored in the past few months......

Worst episode of the year

The one that made you want to turn off halfway through.

Best dressed female character

Who was it? Who do you believe was the best dressed? Maggie, Jo, Chris or one of the guest characters?

Worst dressed female character
Who should get some style and class? Jo, Maggie, Monica?

Best dressed male
Can't forget the blokes and the blue shirt does count. Go the blue shirt

Worst dressed male
Doesn’t count the blue shirt, it's got style and class

Crime of the year
Which crime had you sitting your sit, near your tv, wondering what was going to happen next. Sure, this sounds pathetic, but seriously we want to know! Or which crime had you in tears laughing......anything - just the crime the stood out for you!

On-line Awards

Best mailing list for general discussion
Wwe have the fic list which is the greatest but which other list has best discussion? Can we make the losers close :-)* hint hint *

Loudest entity on the mailing list
Who sends the most message's to every mailing list combined that is ON-TOPIC?

Most opinionated on the mailing list
Who also lets their opinion be heard? Who tells everyone time and time again that Ben and Maggie should get together, or that Nick should never of left, or that Maggie shouldn't die, who.....?

Most informative ailing list
What list has the most information sent to it that is on-topic and informative?

Best web site
Who has the best general Blue Heelers Site? Which one do you visit the most?

Most updated website
Who updates their page the most? What page is it?

Best mulitimedia website
What page has the best multimedia things within it? Who has the best graphics, sounds, desktops, icons....

Most informative website
Who has the web site with the most information about 'heelers?

Best layout
Who has the best layout on their page so it is easy for you to get around, and does it look good too?

Best Fanfic
This is a simple award that will be given for the author of the best stand-a-lone blue heelrs fanfic on Jen's Fanfic Page.

Best Fanfic Series
This award will be given to the author of the best series of fanfics writen with the Blue Heelers Characters. Once again, it must be on Jen's page, and have at least 3 parts.

Best Improved Fanfic Writer
There's been people out there writing fanfics for such a long time, and we belive at least one of these people deserve recognition for their improvement as a writer. So which person do you think has improved the most?

Best Character Created
Many people have created their own characters in their fanfics. Which one holds a place in your heart?

Best Fanfic List Moderators

Quite simple this one - together Ness and Rach have made the BHfic list come alive. So vote for 'em! *vbg*

The messages you *didn't* want on the mailing lists.
What messages didn't you need? Were they ones begging you for information, the chain letters and virus warnings, or the completly off topic messages?

Most distracted BH fanfic writer
It's known that a few of our small time writers form the bhfic list have moved on to new waters, but which one would you like to see return to inspire our other young writers on the list. Some hints - Vanessa, Suzie, Jaye, Rachael, Pip, Kylie a.k.a Melanie Robinson, Sim.......